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Sometimes when you switch hosting systems and IP adresses, there occur a plethora of errors. Many of those result from IP caching while others derive from different setups. Today I ran into a very weird error 403 preventing access to my migrated website

After checking all the caching, to make sure the domain points to the right location, and resetting some pplesk and server configutation I was still left baffled and had no clue.

But this post would be here if I did not find the problem, which simply was a wrong directory permission setting. Read more about this here.

Rule of thumb for correct permissions

  • Folders: 755
  • Static Content: 644
  • Dynamic Content: 700

The subfolder where wordpress was residing in, had the rights 750, which did not work. I changed it to 755 and now I am good to go! All systems are now up and running. This post is just a reminder how simple some things can be and might come in handy if you are reading this.

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